The Real Pakistan

We, the students of Islamabad Model School for Boys G-6/4, Islamabad have created this website to present those aspects of Pakistani culture, life and achievements that are often ignored by the international media. We are attempting to dissuade people from forming negative perceptions about our country based on the reporting done by the international media.

Our Project: Presenting the Real Pakistan to the World

As a group of students, aiming to become “Global Nomads”, under the project Global Citizens in Action 2014-15, we chose this topic to 

  • show Pakistan’s true and real image to the world
  • to change misperceptions about Pakistan’s image portrayed via the international media

We conducted the following activities to achieve this objective.

  1. Brainstormed to determine how we wanted to achieve our objective
  2. Developed a brief questionnaire to find answers
  3. In groups of 3, interviewed teachers and students
  4. Compiled the answers
  5. Chose to make a website to share research findings
  6. Explored Google to find websites and links to share out culture and the role of international media in conveying negative perceptions of Pakistan
  7. Put up posts!

2 thoughts on “Our Project: Presenting the Real Pakistan to the World

  1. i appreciate your work.keep it up.


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